What Should I Do?

The Summer of 2010 was probably the best summer of my life.
I got to live by myself just outside of DC (in College Park, MD) and received “real” work experience working for a non-profit organization right on L street.
Even though I was still a college student with an unpaid internship living in a college town, I still “felt” like a responsible adult.
And I have to say that I loved it.
Apart from living and working in DC, that Summer was so special for me because it opened my eyes to careers I had never before considered.
During my first three years of college, I went from having no idea of my intended career path to a fairly concrete one.
My freshman and sophomore years saw me change majors twice before finally deciding on History, and by my Junior year I thought I wanted to be a Lobbyist and work in Politics.
But near the conclusion of my internship I realized that the political arena wasn’t for me, and I became interested in Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations.
To make myself a viable candidate to pursue those career paths, I learned that I would need an online presence – and that was how my love for blogging and “all-things-web” began.
My love of blogging led me to social networking and social media, which led me to learn about online advertising, which led me to learn about web development, which led me to learn about programming.
So sitting here today, I have a plethora of career options in front of me: blogging, internet marketing, social media, mobile advertising, web development, computer programming, and a dozen other interrelated fields.
Oh, and did I also forget to mention how I wanted (still want) to become a Fantasy writer in between? And also a musician?
To me, this is all incredibly frustrating. And it’s a topic that has been addressed in a New York Times article on 20-somethings.
So what do I choose?
Do I try to find a job that combines as many of those fields as possible?
Or do I simply job-hop until I find a career that satisfies me on every level?
What do you think I should do?


About Ssunmonu

Sam Sunmonu is a Duke University Senior majoring in History with a minor in Political Science. He is interested in the marketing industry with a strong online tilt. You can catch him blogging at Sam Sunmonu's Blog, or follow him @NewInfluential. View all posts by Ssunmonu

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