What Projects Are You Working on in 2011?

So this is my first blog post of the New Year, and I have to say that I’m really excited.

2010 was a good year for me; I made many mistakes, I learned from them, I progressed, and now I’m ready to put all of my experiences towards big things in 2011.

I have to say however that I did not have a good New Year’s day, or rather, it started off poorly and ended well.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to head into NYC with friends and have a good time. While brooding in my basement room at my house, I went through all of the disappointments of 2010 and determined never to go through them again.

So here’s what I’ve got in store for 2011:

A spanking new music blog.

If you’ve read Sun of Sam, you would know it started out as my own personal blog, which morphed into a music blog, which I stopped writing on more than a month ago.

This new blog will have a great name (its own domain too!), great music, great writing (hopefully :)), and great features.

I can’t wait to debut it next week, I really think it’ll be spectacular.

My Tumblr blog (My iWriter) will now act as the sole destination for my short stories. (Until I get them published that is.)

I’ve committed to a great plan for writing short stories. Here’s how it goes:

1)      Search Google, Flickr, but especially StumbleUpon for images to write to.

2)      Write continuously (stream of consciousness-wise) for about an hour or until 1000 words.

3)      Write Sunday through Saturday.

4)      The next Sunday, revise the story you wrote last Sunday, the story you wrote on Monday last Monday, etc.

5)      Start all over again next Sunday.

A project that I can’t provide full disclosure on because someone will steal my idea.

It’s got to do with finding a job though. I’m really excited about it because currently there is nothing on the web like it. I was shocked by this.

Details to come.

So those are some of the projects that I’ll be working on this 2011. What are you working on?


About Ssunmonu

Sam Sunmonu is a Duke University Senior majoring in History with a minor in Political Science. He is interested in the marketing industry with a strong online tilt. You can catch him blogging at Sam Sunmonu's Blog, or follow him @NewInfluential. View all posts by Ssunmonu

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