The Case For More Internships

If I could go back to the first day that I began college, the first thing I would have done was to get an on campus job or internship.

From my freshman year up to my junior year, I was both too lazy to seriously apply for a job or internship, and didn’t realize that internships were crucial for experience.

Luckily, I learned just in time for the summer after my junior year that I needed an internship if I was ever going to get a job after college. After all, I had no skills, just some knowledge in my head and a couple unformed ideas.


My Internship Experience

So I got an internship in DC working for a nonprofit. It wasn’t the most glamorous position but it taught me many lessons, including that a life in politics was not for me.

Returning to school for my senior year, I was hired for two on campus jobs that I believed would pay huge dividends for me. I figured these two internships, plus the one I completed over the summer would give me enough experience and make me competitive for jobs in 2011.

I was right – sort of. Even with those three internships, many of the jobs I see all over the internet still seem to require many things I don’t have – whether it’s 3-5 years of experience in an agency setting or some skill that I couldn’t possibly be proficient in at this point in my life.


Do I Need More Internship Experience?

But on the bright side I’ve seen many internships that would be perfect for me; from digital and social media marketing internships to music internships.

Many of them want a future college grad like me who has experience creating and running a campaign, managing a presence across social networks, and building and maintaining relationships online.

This makes me happy because to be honest, I don’t really think I’m ready to be tossed into the fire just yet.

An internship for a few months while I got to learn the ropes could do me well before a full-time position.


Keeping An Eye Out For Those Internships

So while I apply for full-time jobs I will also actively be looking for internships to help me gain experience.

But if someone wants to hire me for a full time job after graduation, I probably wouldn’t complain too much.


How many internships have you had? Have they been good or bad experiences? Share them in the comments below.


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