What I Learned Live-Tweeting the Lakers – Celtics

Laker's guard Kobe Bryant drives on Celtics guard Paul Pierce

Did you catch the Laker game on Sunday by any chance? In case you missed it, you can check out my Twitter feed.

I actually live-tweeted two basketball games, Duke-St. Johns and Celtics-Lakers, and I would have enjoyed doing it a lot more if both teams hadn’t severely stunk up the joint.

Duke didn’t show up in its game at all, getting blasted 90-78 in Madison Square on national television, and the Lakers got blown out in the fourth quarter by the hated Celtics (although Kobe had 41) on national TV as well.

But I did enjoy doing it. Here are some things I took away:

Twitter is a great medium for fans to talk trash.

Being a Duke meant that at least 1 of my 98 followers had to hate them. It turns out one of my followers, @dysonsound (great music blog) was a UCONN fan and we ended up exchanging some jabs. He also happened to be a Celtic fan, so we had a lively discussion about basketball that took place over 4 hours.

I remember asking @dysonsound this after he revealed his UCONN and Celtics fandom,

@dysonsound haha are we diametrically opposed or what?

Twitter is a great medium to speculate on what trash is being talked during games.

I mean it was Lakers-Celtics – some blows were bound to be exchanged. Early in the game, the cameras focused on an interesting two-way exchange between former teammates Shaq and Kobe.  I asked one of my followers what he thought Shaq said to Kobe to which he responded,

“You’re looking rather sexy today.”

Uh no, how about, “Kobe how my a$$ taste?”

What did my followers think?

I got interesting feedback from two followers that were on either side of the spectrum.

One of my followers @vikramraju joked,

@SSunmonu will replace my ESPN gamecast for live bball updates…would you branch out into other sports, sir? I need solid cricket coverage.

Another follower, @apfk88 was not so ecstatic, tweeting

@ssunmonu really? You’re going to tweet every play of the game?

To which I responded,

@apfk88 no one’s asking you to read em.

But the most important thing I took away from my live-tweeting session was that I do need to be more active on Twitter. I was actually amazed by how “influential” I was being. Checking out Klout afterwards revealed a jump from a score of 17 to a 25. Not too shabby for a days work.


About Ssunmonu

Sam Sunmonu is a Duke University Senior majoring in History with a minor in Political Science. He is interested in the marketing industry with a strong online tilt. You can catch him blogging at Sam Sunmonu's Blog, or follow him @NewInfluential. View all posts by Ssunmonu

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