5 Ways to Win Friends and Influence People Online

1. Check your Klout Score and PeerIndex Score.

I’ve already spoken at length about the pros and cons of both services, but they do have a use and a place. Use them to gauge how active you are online, and then see which areas you can improve.

Did you only connect your Twitter account. What about your Facebook? Or Linkedin? Or your blogs?

The more the merrier.

2. Write a blog.

If you aren’t already blogging, what are you waiting for!?

Blogging is a great way to establish authority and credibility on a subject.

If you work hard at blogging, market your blogging, and actually stick with blogging, over time you will end up with dedicated readers.

3. Read and share interesting or useful content.

After you read an article, you shouldn’t just keep it to yourself. You should share it! Sharing content that is relevant and interesting to your social networks, you will increase your value to individuals in your social network, and they will come to rely on you as trusted source for interesting and useful content.

4. Brand yourself across social networks.

This is an important one. By establishing a consistent brand image across multiple social networks, you ensure that your posts reach as wide an audience as possible. For example, I can rely on Facebook for people mostly college students, Linkedin for more professional connections, and Twitter for everyone in between. There are even more social networks you can use to establish influence online, but those three are the most important.

5. Leave comments on other blogs.

And not spam comments like, “Hey check out my post here!” If you do this, no one will want to follow the link back to your website, especially the blogger, for fear that you are a spammer.

If you do leave comments (and you should), you should seek to add something meaningful to the conversation along with a link.Leaving comments provides two benefits: 1) the blogger will be thankful that you contribute regularly to the conversation and will be more likely to help you and 2) by leaving insightful comments, you can help brand yourself as an expert and draw that bloggers readers to your own blog.

What do you think of this advice? Do you have anything to add?




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