Opportunity Overload

I’m at a really momentous stage in my life right now. I just graduated college, and I’ve just moved back and begun my search for my first job. I should be elated that I just graduated (I was) but I can’t help but feel somewhat miserable at home.
It’s not necessarily because I have less freedom (my dad still runs the joint) or that the prospect of home really bothers me that much. Rather, I am somewhat miserable because I am confused about what I want to do and where my life will take me.
I know that I want to get a job in ad sales because I want to start my own company someday, but I am still frustrated because there are so many other things that I could see myself doing as well. I could be a blogger, or a social media manager, or a musician (I’ve started producing my own music).
There are so many opportunities created by the internet that frankly, its frustrating.
You see,  the problem with the internet isn’t necessarily that we face information overload (although this is a big problem), but rather that we face opportunity overload.
I know that I’m smart and driven enough, and that there are enough resources on the internet, that  I can learn to do or become almost anything. I have so many interests and yet there are only so many hours in the day I can devote to pursuing those interests.
So I am finding that I have to concentrate on the few things that I am most interested in and master those interests to the best of my ability. Right now I have goals to become an expert digital ad salesman, somewhat of an expert on social media, a blogger and also a musician. (I also have plans to write a novel, but that’s something I’ll wait to do when I’m in my 30s 🙂
Those are 4-5 areas where I realistically think I can make an impact without doing overextending myself. I’ve set certain goals for the things I want to achieve in life, and I’ve created a plan to get there.
How are you handling the opportunity overload created by the internet? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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