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Is this as difficult for you as it is for me (Definition: By this I mean answering the question who am I?)?

For some reason or the other, the question of who am I? is increasingly hard for me to effectively put into words.

Maybe it’s because I’m young and I haven’t accomplished much yet, or maybe it’s because when I ask myself who am I?, I have a different answer every couple of days. (Explanation: sry i was born in the summer of ’89 nd im a millennial thru and thru P.S. Do my spelling errors and lack of punctuation annoy you? Good. So sue me. Or if you’re an employer, hire me please!)

Or maybe it’s because the question of who am I? is inseparable from the question of who will I be? 5,10, and 15 years from now, and that is an impossible question to answer.

But I’ll attempt to answer the first question anyways. 🙂

So who am I?

My full name is Samuel Adedeji Sunmonu, but you can call me Sam. I hail from Strong Island (Definition: Long Island), and my childhood experiences, which include being 1 of 11 children and being 1 of 1 African American(s) in my high school grade , exposed me to a wide variety of influences. (Explanation: Yes, my mom really loves children! And yes, I was that token black kid.)

I carried my experiences to the University of New Jersey at Durham (Definition: Duke University. P.S. I hate the nickname “U of NJ at Durham”. Why would anyone want to be associated with the armpit of America anyways?), where I’m now a Senior majoring in History with minors in English and Political Science. (Disclaimer: I did not proactively look for ways to waste my parents money, it just worked out that way.)

And you wanna know the best part about being a senior? I finally know what I want to do with my life!

Except yah, not rly.

So in short, this is a blog that I hope will answer the question who am I?, and also hopefully give clues as to who will I be? in only god knows how many years I’ve got left on this earth. (Explanation: The Fail Whale has already struck me thrice. See my blog graveyard.)

So sit back, buckle up, and join me for a ride. This should be fun.

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