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The Smartest Man I’ve Never Met

Seth Godin is the smartest man I’ve never met.

I first heard of him online somewhere, I’m not sure where, and since then I’ve been reading his blog daily and have read one of his books (Purple Cow).

Ok maybe there’s Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein and a whole host of other influential and extremely intelligent figures I’ve never met.

But for those other figures above, I’m really just in awe of them. For the most part, they are not all that inspiring to me.

Seth Godin is.

His daily posts are probably my favorite part of the day.

Short, simple and to the point, they’re packed full of wisdom and insight that I can only hope one day to have.

Take today’s post titled, “An Acre of Attitudes“. It may be less than 200 words, but it really inspired me.

It inspired me so much that I think I might put it above my desk so that when I wake up in the morning, I can really kick off the day.



Taking 5 Classes Never Felt So Good

Wednesdays are going to be the bane of my existence – I can already tell.

On Wednesday’s this semester I have 5 classes: a Computer Science intro class with a lab, a music composition class, an electronic music class, and a film class.

So from about 12PM to 10:30PM I am in class all day. Literally, except for a break of about an hour and a half thrown in there somewhere.

So yeah, my Wednesdays are pretty brutal.

But as I came home last night completely exhausted, I dispelled the notion that Wednesday’s would be so miserable as to be un-enjoyable.

In fact, my Wednesdays might turn out to be pretty special.

First up is Music Composition. Right now I am learning how to read and write notes, the importance of time signature, etc. None of it is particularly fascinating, plus I played band through my senior year of high school, but composing music is something that I’ve always wanted to do – just not classical or band music!

More like Electronic Music, which I am taking. Yesterday I learned how to use Logic and Amadeus to compose a song, and I also learned a little about the theory and history of music, both digital and traditional. Plus our midterm and final are not your typical ones – we have to compose 2 and 4 minute songs respectively as our assignments! How cool is that!

Next up is an introductory Computer Science course. I’ll be learning how to use Python and I hope that this class gives me a good enough understanding of code so that I can learn other programming languages and make myself useful :).

The last class of the day for me is called Editing for Film and Video. I’ve only recently become interested in editing, but I understand that it is an important skill to have in 2011, especially with the explosion of online video.

The last class I’m taking only meets on Mondays, for two and a half hours. It’s called Digital Writing and it might be the class I am most excited about. We have to maintain our own blog, and we will be learning about what it means to write digitally: does the way you write change when you are online? What about issues of privacy? How has authorship and publishing changed in the last few years?

Some pretty interesting questions.


If you just read through all that, one congratulations, and two, isn’t that just the best class schedule someone’s ever described to you?

I’d say so.

Looks like it’s gonna be a fun, final semester.