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Should You Let Sleeping Blogs Lie?


This question has been bouncing around in my head for some time now. Thousands of blogs are created daily, and there are well over 100 million blogs on the internet. 100 million! Imagine if a third of the people in America had a blog and were publishing content daily. Think of all the noise!

Luckily, many blogs don’t publish content daily or very regularly, and many blogs are abandoned. For some reason or the other, a blog may fall to the wayside. It could be from a lack of interest, too many time commitments, or not enough return on investment(ROI).

I’ve had three blogs that I’ve started only to see fall to the wayside, and I have been reluctant to begin posting on them again. For some reason, I have this feeling that a blog that I haven’t posted on in two months shouldn’t be resurrected.

Won’t someone see that I missed posting from November to February? What does that say about my commitment to blogging?

A reader could stumble upon a fantastic post one day, and delighting that they stumbled upon a wonderful blog return the next day, only to find nothing.

Also part of the reason I’m reluctant to resurrect my blogs is because they require work, and time – time that I don’t really have. I already write 5 posts a week for this blog, and it just wouldn’t be feasible to create 5 days worth of content for 3 other blogs, and then also keep my other commitments.

But I admit that there is something deep down inside me that loathes leaving my blog abandoned. It’s as if they are wasting away on the internet when they could be put to more productive uses (like generating ad revenue).

So I think I may just post once a week on those other blogs. One post a week is an easy way to establish a blogging schedule that is not too strenuous right?

Or maybe not. I’ll let you know.

How many blogs do you have that are now dead? Do you plan on resurrecting them? Share your blog stories in the comments below.