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Networking Key To A Successful Job Search

I’ve stated a few times on this blog that one of my goals is to have a job lined up before I graduate in May.

While I still want this to happen, I wouldn’t be too disappointed if I did not have a job until a few months out.

The reason? I just know that I will find something that I enjoy doing eventually; it’s just a matter of hard work, luck, and networking of course.

That last bit is the one piece of advice that I keep hearing over and over again: that networking is absolutely crucial to finding a job.

Before I started my job search, I never really took this seriously. Sure, I’ve networked before, but it wasn’t anything near as strategic as what I am doing now. I’ve been sending out emails, using Linkedin and Twitter, and talking to my brother’s friends.

The best part is that I’m not networking for the sake of finding a job (ok maybe it’s in the back of my mind but there are other reasons as well).

I’m networking because I am really and truly lost in this mess that is the Web.

As I started my job search, I became more and more frustrated because there were so many interesting and rewarding career paths for me to focus on. I’m interested in Social Media and the Web, and those two industries right there mean a dozen different jobs. What about marketing? Do I focus on a job in Internet Marketing, Mobile Advertising or Digital Public Relations? Or do I go a different path and pursue my love for Music? Or maybe I should start my own company?

Another reason this is all so confusing is because many of these fields are new, and haven’t had time to fully define their true roles yet.

Which I’m OK with because I do enjoy watching them develop, but currently it is incredibly frustrating.

So my solution to all this confusion and uncertainty is just to network my butt off and learn as much as I can people who have done it before me.

Networking removes pressure because even if I’m not writing cover letters or researching companies, I am still doing wonders for career. Not only am I learning, but eventually through the connections I’ll have made, I’ll be able to find a job that suits me.

How is networking helping you in your job search?